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Maple Seed Pods and Fan Blades?

Have you ever noticed the seed pods of maple or sycamore trees falling to the ground in the autumn? When I was a child, we called them helicopters because they resemble helicopter blades. There is a certain beauty to them. You may be wondering what do maple seed pods have to do with ceiling fans? It turns out that nature might have the secret to creating the most aerodynamic and efficient ceiling fan in the world.

Maple Seed

Inspired By Nature

We’ve talked about the importance of dressing for the elements rather than turning up the air conditioning. We can think along the same lines when it comes to ceiling fan design. Rather than creating fans that work against nature, it’s possible to design fans that take elements from the natural world and turn them into beautiful and highly functional ceiling fans. Ceiling fans are essential in Australia; why not make yours cutting edge, aerodynamic and beautiful?

Balance is an important part of the design of any ceiling fan. Ceiling fans that are unbalanced wobble, making excessive noise and using significantly more energy. Watch a maple seed pod fall to the ground. The balance between the weight of the seed and the length of the single wing is matched, causing the seed to rotate smoothly when it falls from the tree. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a ceiling fan that can achieve similar balance?

Fans in the shape of maple or sycamore seed pods get the same airflow as a regular fan at a much lower speed. That saves energy and saves you money on your electricity bill. Right now, there are ceiling fans in Australia available in this design. Before long, we suspect that it will be a common and widespread design for ceiling fan manufacturers all over the world. However, right now, this type of fan is unique, making it a stylish focal point in any room. Because it can run at lower speeds, it is quiet, and the fan’s natural form is visible even when it is in use.

Sycamore Ceiling Fan

Sycamore Ceiling Fan

Ceiling Fans Direct carries the stunning Sycamore Ceiling Fan, which is modelled after the maple seed pod. This fan, which was awarded the Australian Design Award in 2005, was inspired by the aerodynamics of the falling seed pod. It has a single blade that is dynamically balanced to deliver improved airflow. This extremely chic fan would look great in any space with modern decor, but its efficiency would be an asset to every home or business, no matter how it’s decorated. This fan can also function outdoors, as long as it is protected by the elements. Available in brushed aluminium and white, the Sycamore is the top of the line for modern design.

Nature knows best. By replicating what we see outside, it is possible to design the most efficient, aerodynamic and beautiful ceiling fans around. We are always watching for the latest in ceiling fan design. Be sure to visit our blog regularly to learn about the newest technology and design in the ceiling fan industry.