How To Reduce Your Environmental Footprint

If keeping your body temperature low and your energy bills even lower is a priority, then it is time to turn off the air con and switch on the ceiling fan. Air Conditioners are extremely expensive and could well be the reason for why your electricity bills are so high. They also consume excessive units of electricity, which we all know is bad for the environment.

Ceiling fans are far more environmentally friendly than using air-conditioning and can be just as productive. Ceiling fans circulate the air in the room, which provides a gentle, cooling breeze. Fans can also be more hygienic as air that is circulated throughout the room is kept fresher and less humid, which could help to eliminate mould and musty smells in the room.

If you want to save money and keep cool, whilst being kinder to the environment, then seek out professional help from Ceiling Fans Direct. The company is the leading experts in the air movement field and can offer sound advice on all the products they offer, depending on what your needs are. They can also offer you help on the best places in your home to put the fans in order to make the very best of your purchase. It is important to remember that fans do not cool rooms, they cool people, which is why they should never be left on unless there are people in the room who can benefit from their cooling power.

Ceiling Fans Direct guarantee to find you the best fan at the lowest possible price and always aim to ship out your ordered product as quickly as they possibly can.

Ceiling and wall fans are much more cost effective than installing huge air-conditioning units. Most ceiling fans use around 500 watts, although there are some on the market that use as little as 200 watts. When you compare that to the average air conditioning unit, which can use up to 1000 watts or more, you can see that the fan will typically cost you half as much to operate.

Ceiling Fans Direct has a wide variety of fans on offer that are guaranteed to suit every budget. Fans are also low maintenance and far less likely to break down. With so many different designs on the market, it would be impossible to find a fan that suits the design and decor of all your rooms. With several blade speeds, fans are easy to adjust and can be left on all night, so you can sleep easy, and safe in the knowledge that keeping your room cool is not costing you the earth.