How Do Fans Keep You Cool

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Fans have been a sturdy, reliable cooling system for decades. Although air conditioning has become more popular, fans are still desirable, with many people not allowed air conditioning or wanting an eco-friendly, cheaper option to the energy sucking alternative. A ceiling fan is also a lot more aesthetically pleasing than a clunky grey air conditioning box. But how do fans actually work? How do they keep us cool?

Ceiling fans have many blades that spin around at certain speeds. This moves the air around the room. However, if the air in the room is hot, hot air will be moved around. The same can be said for cool air. Moving air around doesn’t lower the temperature. What makes you feel cooler is that the fan creates what is called a wind chill effect. By blowing air around, your sweat will evaporate quicker, eliminating body heat and cooling you down.

This can be seen in nature like at the beach or in a forest corridor. Ocean breezes from the sea are cold and a corridor lets air shoot through. A house blocks a lot of these breezes, with thick walls and small windows letting little air in so it can’t circulate properly. A ceiling fan can change this by pushing the air around so your body’s inbuilt cooling mechanism works better.

So, why not consider fans instead of air conditioning for your house? One company that sells affordable fans in a variety of designs is, Ceiling Fans Direct. They have fans for all rooms and locations so you can fit it into your design and lifestyle. Check them out online today.