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Colourful Ceiling Fans

Most of our ceiling fans come in a few different colours or finishes, but these days, they’re usually wood, aluminium, white and black. All of those are great choices for the right kind of decor. White and black look good in a modern, minimalist environment. Wood adds a natural or old fashioned touch. Aluminium, either shiny or brushed, is sophisticated and a little industrial. However, sometimes, you’re looking for something with a little more punch.

In the past, I’ve talked about innovative ceiling fan designs and fancy fan blades, and today it’s going to be fans with bold colours; colours that can really add excitement to your decorating. The fact is, colours are coming back into style. People today need a little bit of a lift, and adding a touch of fun colour to our homes is a great way to brighten things up. In particular, our Vento range of high end Italian ceiling fans are distinctive, well designed and colourful. I’m going to be honest; I just love these fans. Here’s a quick run-down of the Vento line:

The Sole

The Vento Sole Retractible Blade fan is a true original. The fan blades retract into a compact, sculptural arrangement around the light for a chic-looking modern chandelier. When you need a cool breeze or you want to blow the warm air downward, just use the remote control to expand the blades and turn it into a ceiling fan. It’s available in red, yellow, natural and mahogany: FANtastic!

The Fino

The Vento Fino Compact Ceiling Fan is a cute little retro number that can really move the air in small spaces. It’s ideal for children’s bedrooms and home offices. It’s an old-fashioned fan with a ceiling mount and it’s got a distinctive look, but please note: it does not include a light. You can buy one in black, white, natural or yellow.

The Uragano

The Vento Uragano is a big, powerful fan and ceiling light combination with a futuristic design. Choose the Uragano for the combined living and dining area in your high-rise apartment or modern home, or for a large, open loft area or studio. It’s great for commercial spaces as well as homes, and it’s just as beautiful as it is functional. Choose from red, yellow, walnut, black, white or clear blades.

The Libellula

The Vento Libellula is a graceful and highly effective fan and ceiling light with a two-blade, dragonfly-style design. Its unique, translucent blades can be purchased in yellow, red, and transparent plastic. Beautiful and distinctive, it offers a lighter, more etherial look than the Uragano.

These Vento fans are truly a cut above in every way; they’re stylish, high quality and innovative. They aren’t cheap ceiling fans, but they’re worth every penny, and their five-year warranty tells you just how confident the manufacturers are in their durability. These are true originals — they’re like having functional sculptures in your home — and they have proven very popular with our customers. Once you’re seen one of these colourful Vento ceiling fans and pictured it in the right setting, the conventional designs just won’t do.