Ceiling Fans vs. Air Conditioning

Hunter Ceiling Fan

Air conditioning has often been the go to option for cooling down a room when the temperature outside gets to be unbearable. But with rising energy costs, it may be nice to know that ceiling fans can achieve the same effect as air conditioning at a much lower price. While air conditioning may be the dominant player in the cooling industry, a cheap ceiling fan in your living room or office could help you cut costs and cool a room much more efficiently than turning your air conditioning down a few degrees.

Air Conditioning

Air conditioning first came about almost 100 years ago and has since made its way into almost every home in Australia. Despite the cost, air conditioning is an easy way to set a desired temperature for a room when the temperature outside gets too hot. Unfortunately, air conditioning isn’t without its faults.

In addition to the cost of running the unit, air conditioning systems have to be maintained as well. Filters need to be replaced every few weeks to ensure that harmful dust particles aren’t being re-circulated through your home, and an inspection of your home’s insulation is also in order to ensure that no air is being let out through the cracks so to speak. While it’s easy to “set it and forget it,” air conditioning units really can’t compete with cheap ceiling fans.

Ceiling Fans

Contrary to popular belief, ceiling fans don’t actually cool down a room that they’re in. Instead, they simply circulate the air through the room and as the air passes over your skin, it helps with the evaporation of sweat, your body’s natural cooling mechanism. The faster a ceiling fan blows, the more easily your body can cool itself down and bring your body temperature to a lower level.

Although ceiling fans are a little more inconvenient than a traditional air conditioning unit, ceiling fans with a remote have become an increasingly popular option for families who want to save money on their energy bills. Ceiling fans with a remote allow you to control the speed of a fan from the comfort of your chair, without having to get up to an air conditioning unit to readjust the temperature.

Ceiling fans generally use about 1/5th of the energy that an air conditioning unit does to cool the same amount of space. So, turn off your air conditioning and try ceiling fans out to not only cool a room faster, but to also help reduce your energy costs.