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Best Outdoor Ceiling Fans for Summer

At Ceiling Fans Direct we know very well how hot and sweaty an Australian summer is! That’s why we’ve made it our mission to help guide Aussie’s to finding the most reliable, durable and efficient ceiling fans on the market. We’ve handpicked our favourite outdoor ceiling fans for summer to help narrow your search! 

Our Line Up:
1. CHOICE® Rated Airborne Storm
2. Ventair Spyda
3. Airborne Breeze Silent
4. Hunter Pacific Aqua
5. Deka Evo

1. CHOICE® Rated Storm Ceiling Fan by Airborne

Whether you’re entertaining friends in the backyard or just relaxing with the family, it’s important not to let the heat or noise of your ceiling fan ruin your summer! The Storm Ceiling fan is one of the quietest and efficient ceiling fans on the market, featuring a 5-blade ceiling fan system and high-performance DC motor. There’s no doubt behind the CHOICE® rating on the Storm Ceiling Fan, this whisper-quiet fan will deliver perfect airflow without breaking the bank! With durable ABS blades to endure the extremes of the Australia climate and different size, colour and light variations available, your sure to find the right Storm ceiling fan for you. Check out this competitively priced and energy-efficient ceiling fan today!



✓ Powerful Air Movement (14,928 m3/hr)                                           
✓ Modern and Adaptable Design                                                  
✓ Quiet and Durable ABS Blades
✓ Efficient DC Motor
✓ Energy Efficient
✓ Multiple Size, Colour and Light Options Available
✓ Cheap Running Costs
✓ Perfect for Outdoor Areas


x  When purchasing DC fans they’re more expensive upfront but cheaper on your energy costs over time

2. Ventair Spyda

It’s an oldie by a goodie! The Spyda ceiling fan by Ventair is a great contender if you’re looking for an efficient outdoor ceiling fan. Featuring 3 modern and aerodynamic blades the Spyda ceiling fan features Ventair’s True-Spin Technology™ to maximise air circulation. This ultra-sleek ceiling fan is perfect if you’re looking for a durable and quiet ceiling fan that will run smoothly for years to come!


✓ Vast range of size and colours
✓ Plastic Alloy Composite
✓ Cost-Efficient DC motor option
✓ Powerful and Quiet Operation


x Some variations can be pricey
x Unique design might not suit all preferences

3. Breeze Silent by Airborne

If you’re looking for the most bang for your buck, then the Breeze Silent AC and DC might be the ones for you! This newly-released indoor and outdoor ABS ceiling fan by Airborne Fans is one of the most adaptable and price-conscious ceiling fans available. A feature that makes the Breeze Silent stand out is the retro-fittable light kit, meaning you can purchase and add an additional light kit to your ceiling fan post-installation! This feature-filled ceiling fan will maximise air movement in your outdoor entertaining areas, keeping you and your guests cool and comfortable all summer long. Take a look at the Breeze Silent to get your hands on one of the newest ceiling fans on the market!



✓ Retro-fittable Light Kit
✓ Rust-Free ABS Blades
✓ AC & Energy-Efficient DC Motor Options
✓ Multiple Colour & Sizing Options
✓ Cost-Efficient
✓ Powerful Airflow of 15,128m3/hr


x Only available in two colours: White and Black

4. Hunter Pacific Aqua

The unique Aqua ceiling fan by Hunter Pacific is unlike other fans of the market! The Aqua has an IP66 Ingress Protection (IP) rating, allowing this ceiling fan to be installed in more exposed outdoor areas. This dust-proof ceiling fan features a super energy-efficient DC motor, using only 19W on the highest speed and 2W on low. Check out the Aqua Ceiling fan by Hunter Pacific today!


IP66 Rating
✓ Rust-Free ABS Blades
✓ Suitable for Coastal Locations
DC Motor
✓ Cost-Efficient
✓ Powerful Airflow of 14,286m3/hr


x Expensive to purchase upfront
x Limited in size and colour variations

5. Deka Evo

We all know that bigger doesn’t mean better, and that’s definitely the case with the small but mightly Evo ceiling fan by Deka. Whilst the Evo might be small in diameter, it still produces very high airflow for any small space. Constructed from durable moulded plastic this ceiling fan provides an anti-corrosive and non-rusting solution to keeping cool in your outdoor spaces. With a modern style and design, the Evo is the perfect addition to any family home! Check out the lightweight Evo ceiling fan by Deka today!


✓ Lightweight
✓ Competitively Priced
✓ Anti-Corrosive Material
✓ Multiple Size and Light Options


x Unique design might not suit all preferences
x AC Motor, although a cheaper upfront cost this is more expensive on energy costs over time