A Radical New Double Blade Ceiling Fan Design

As one of the largest providers of discount ceiling fans in Australia, we are some of the first people to see what’s up and coming in ceiling fan design. In past blog posts, we’ve told you about many of the well-made and stylish ceiling fans that we offer our customers online. Well, you’ve never seen a fan quite like the one we are going to tell you about today. The new V6 Dual Level 6 fan, part of Ventair’s iQ line, is one of a kind.

Ventair V6 Ceiling Fan Black

An Incredible Fan with a Unique Design

This new designer fan from Ventair is a show stopper. The fan features six sturdy blades that are set on two different levels. No other fan on the market optimises air flow like this double-bladed fan. This fan is versatile, too. It can be used indoors or out, and is suitable for both commercial and residential buildings. It’s also equipped with a three-speed reversible LCD radio frequency remote control, making it easy to operate.

This powerful fan is stunning as well as highly functional: its gunmetal finish is sleek and modern. The fan is available in both black and white. Either way, it’s got a high tech, almost aerospace look that is perfect for an urban loft or an industrial-chic commercial space, such as a modern restaurant, bar or office. It’s easy to picture this fan whirring away above hardwood floors and sleek, modern furniture.

What is the iQ Range of Fans?

Ventair is a manufacturer of high quality ceiling fans, focusing on performance and reliability. Its designs are both attractive and innovative. The company, which is based in Australia, is known for its elegant and durable fans. You can trust that when you purchase a fan from Ventair, it will be built to last.

Ventair V6 Ceiling Fan White

In 2014, the company introduced four new product ranges, including the Pro-V series, the iQFan, Pro-Tech lighting, and the iQFan Designer Series. The Gunmetal V6 Dual Level 6 fan is part of the iQFan Designer Series. What is so special about the iQFan series? Most importantly, the fans in this range utilise a cutting edge DC motor technology that is incredibly energy efficient; it can save you up to 80 percent on your electricity bill. Of course, the fan looks great, as well; it is one of the most unique on the market today. Its product design is truly outstanding.

Not convinced this radical new fan is right for you? We have hundreds of other fans to choose from, including many in Ventair’s iQFan Designer Series. Visit our website for more information. Need help choosing the right fan? Contact our friendly customer service support team. We would love to help you find the ceiling fan of your dreams.