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Our Best Selling Ceiling Fans 2021

If there’s one thing we know about the Aussie Summer, it’s that you absolutely need a tried and tested Ceiling Fan to protect you from the searing summer bite! There’s nothing worse than getting to the sweaty months of the year with a squeaky, energy-eating and ineffective Ceiling Fan. Don’t get caught out this summer, make sure to jump on the most popular Ceiling Fans of 2021 while you still can! These are the top 10 Best Selling Ceiling fans of 2021, they’ve made their way into thousands of Aussie homes because of their awesome price points, high-powered motors, energy efficiency and their solid looks! Find your favourite today and shop the best Ceiling Fans of 2021 direct to your door! 


If the name didn’t already give it away, the Breeze Silent Ceiling Fan is one of the best-performing and quiet Ceiling Fans on the market! Suitable for both Indoors and Outdoors, this modern Ceiling Fan can go almost anywhere! With its super-quiet operation, it works perfectly in the bedroom, offering you an undisrupted sleep! One of our favourite features about the Breeze Silent is its retro-fittable LED light kit, meaning you can add a light to your fan post-purchase! The Breeze Silent is a Fan of choice, you can even choose between the cheaper AC motored version or spend a few more dollars for the energy-saving DC motored version, pick and choose the perfect Breeze Silent to match all your needs. Check out the Breeze Silent today if you want some of the best warranty terms on the market and powerful airflow of 15,128 m3/hr all summer long!



Get nothing but the best with the 4-blade Enviro Ceiling Fan! This CHOICE® recommended Ceiling Fan is one of the Best Selling Ceiling Fans of 2021 and there’s no doubt as to why! This feature-packed and modern Ceiling Fan boasts a whopping max airflow of 16,500 m3/hr with a complimentary remote control kit and awesome warranty terms you’ll be set to enjoy impressive airflow for years to come. Check out the 2 different colour variations of the Enviro Ceiling Fan today and find the perfect fit for your home. 



This best selling Ceiling Fan is named after one of South East Queensland’s most popular beach destinations and combines some of the best low profile designs with strong air movement. The Noosa Ceiling Fan is available in a range of different colours and sizes so you won’t have trouble finding the perfect fit for your space. This Ceiling Fan works perfectly in bedrooms, nurseries, and studies with its energy-efficient 22W DC motor you’ll be able to take advantage of the 14,620m3/hr of maximum airflow in the 42-inch ceiling fan without breaking the bank on your energy bills.



If you want airflow that packs a punch then the Storm Ceiling Fan is the one for you! This quiet and powerful indoor and outdoor Ceiling Fan circulates a whopping 16,003 m3/hr of uninterrupted airflow, making it super easy to stay cool and comfortable during summer. Combined with lightweight UV stabilised blades and CHOICE® recommendation the Storm Ceiling Fans is one of the best selling Ceiling Fans on the Aussie market! Browse our range of Storm Ceiling Fans today and get your products delivered directly to your door.



If you’re looking to save big this summer then look no further than the Trident Ceiling Fan! With sleek modern looks and high-powered airflow, this DC operated Ceiling Fan has been a mainstay and hugely popular Ceiling Fan for many summers. Now is the best time to jump on the Trident bandwagon with prices slashed to clear. Grab up to 70% off* the Trident Ceiling Fan range today and enjoy this expertly crafted 3 blade Ceiling Fan with optimal airflow of 14,507m3/hr.



The Skyfan DC Ceiling Fan is a great pick for those looking for a newly released modern product. The Skyfan is an energy-efficient and powerful Ceiling Fan with modern and interesting aesthetics! The 48-inch Skyfan features 3 glass fibre composite blades which can produce 13,920m3/hr of max airflow. If premium looks and performance isn’t enough for you, the Skyfan also has a Tuya Smart Home controller available meaning you can control your ceiling fan from another room (or another country when international flights come back on the menu!).



Again, named after one of Australia’s most popular beachside destinations, the Bondi Ceiling Fan is another awesome addition to your home. This price-friendly Ceiling Fan protects against rust and corrosion by being built from high-quality rust-proof ABS materials and is suitable both indoors and out! The Bondi Ceiling Fan features a 56W motor and produces up to 13,792m3/hr of maximum airflow in the 48-inch model. Check out our vast range of Bondi Ceiling Fans today.



With one of the most competitive price points, the Ascot Ceiling Fan is another great player in the market! Named after one of Brisbane’s most popular inner-city suburbs, the Ascot is set to impress with availability in sleek matte black and a pristine white. This indoor/outdoor lightweight ceiling fan is perfect for bedrooms and livings rooms as well as outdoor undercover areas. This impressive modern Ceiling Fan operates at a maximum 12,000m3/hr of quiet and efficient airflow. Check out this stylish and energy-efficient Ceiling Fan today!



The Eco Silent DC Ceiling Fan combines affordability with performance! With an energy-efficient DC motor and 5-speed remote control, you’ll be able to stay cool and comfy easily this sweaty season. The 30W DC motor provides a quiet and efficient airflow experience. With traditional design and improved techs, this Ceiling Fan works perfectly in your bedrooms and living areas.



Dubbed the “Rolls Royce” of ceiling fans, this award-winning, unique and ultra-efficient DC Ceiling Fan has been tried and tested by thousands of our customers but also by CHOICE®! The patented design of the AE3+ Ceiling Fan has earned the title of The Overall Best Performer by CHOICE® this three-bladed designer Ceiling Fan provides some of the best airflow you’ll never hear! This powerful Ceiling Fan boasts wobble-free technology and powerful airflow of up to 15,549m3/hr! Check it out today if you want to make a real statement this summer period!