Featured New Fan: Hunter Pacific’s Fascination

We’ve talked a lot about different ceiling fan styles for different rooms. Whether you’re into modern, contemporary, coastal, art deco or a combination of styles, we have a beautiful new fan for you. We know ceiling fans, and because we are one of the largest providers of discount ceiling fans in Australia, we know how to get you the best deal. The fan that I am going to introduce you to today is no exception. The all new Fascination 52-inch Designer Ceiling Fan with Light from Hunter Pacific is like no other fan you’ve seen.


The Future is now with the Fascination

The Fascination, with its futuristic contemporary design, will certainly draw the attention of visitors to your home. The fan has two uniquely shaped polymer blades that combine with the LED light to create an eye-catching centrepiece. The fan’s clean lines and sophisticated look are ideal for a home with an ultramodern design. The shape of its blades will complement the sleek surroundings and harmonise with the minimalist aesthetic. Imagine this: you’re in a room free from fuss and clutter: a soothing, restful place where you can relax. The Fascination spinning overhead is the perfect addition.

Don’t have an ultramodern interior but love this fan? It can work with other design schemes, too. Creating a cohesive room can be difficult if you try to combine too many styles. That said, if you have a traditional room that’s decorated simply, in light colours, then this fan could add timeless flair. You’ll retain the traditional look and feel of the room, but with a hint of modern design that will give it a stylish, sophisticated look. Imagine the Fascination with complex plaster cornices, a leather living room set and modern art in primary colours, for example.

Because of this fan’s size, it will also fit well in businesses or cafes with high ceilings. Its futuristic design works well with anything from white leather and chrome trim to galvanised steel and exposed pipes.

Hunter Pacific is a Leader in Ceiling Fan Design

Hunter Pacific prides itself on being at the forefront of the latest trends in ceiling fan design. Because it has its own research and development division, the company is able to give us fans like the Fascination. Hunter Pacific’s award-winning fans adhere to the company’s simple philosophy, ‘Good Design, High Quality, Superior Service and Technical Innovation’. The company’s ceiling fans have won many awards, but the most telling measure of their quality is how ubiquitous they’ve become in the ceiling fan market. Hunter Pacific fans make up a major percentage of Australian residential installations. They also have a significant impact in the commercial sector, where they can be found in restaurants, offices and retail spaces.

Ready to add a pop of futuristic flair to your home or business? Order the new Fascination today.